Gran Ducale Italian Colomba Easter Cake with Pasticciera Cream, Raisins and Chocolate Topping 750g

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  • Colomba cake with pasticciera cream and raisins plus a chocolate topping from the Italian Master bakers at Gran DuCale
  • Every year, we eagerly anticipate the return of la colomba di Pasqua, or the “Easter dove.” In Italy, this artisanal cake is a sweet sign of spring.
  • Delicious on its own, colomba is often served with fresh berries, drizzled in dark chocolate, slathered in sweet spreads, or paired with whipped cream.
  • Italians even will enjoy a slice with coffee for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up! And at Eataly, we love to pair the festive cake with a glass of Prosecco or dessert wine.
  • Colomba Gran Ducale; Imported from Italy; Traditional Italian dove-shaped cake, a symbol of peace!