Farmhouse Sugar Free Cookies Selection - Viennese Shorties, Oat Crunch Cookies, Ginger Cookies & Choc Chip Cookies

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  • Delicious and crumbly Farmhouse Sugar free range has been developed for those on a sugar restricted diet. Farmhouse Sugar Free Selection contains SUGAR FREE VIENNESE SHORTIES, SUGAR FREE GINGER, SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE CHIP & SUGAR FREE OAT CRUNCH
  • SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE CHIP 150g - A delicious shortcake base with added chocolate chips, always a real family favourite.
  • SUGAR FREE OAT CRUNCH 150g - Delicious and crunchy, these delightful biscuits have a wonderfully oaty flavour that will have you reaching for more than just one!
  • SUGAR FREE GINGER 150g - For ginger lovers everywhere, this sugar free treat is perfect for that morning cuppa.
  • SUGAR FREE VIENNESE SHORTIES 150g - A light Shortbread Viennese Whirl, do you need an excuse?