Social Media in the era of COVID

Posted by Jack Foulkes on

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat. The list seems to be ever growing, but all of these remain to be a focal point of the youth of today. As a young adult myself, I’ve seen the effect that social media has had on people my age, some very good and some for the let’s just say not so good.

I say this but at the same time, social media can be used as a very powerful business tool. Like here at Pheby Ventures, we’ve recently just set up our own two social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, which allows us to expose ourselves even further as a brand, advertise and list products to a new audience in this digital age where people are constantly looking at their phones. Especially during this era of uncertainty, I know for one during the start of the lockdown period, I found myself just senselessly watching videos on Instagram and doing the same routine of checking the same 4 apps over and over again. But throughout all of the mind numbing, there was always one thing that stood out to me; Local Smaller Businesses.

Smaller businesses have seemed to be on the rise more recently by using social media to its full effect, it’s like people found a new motivation after being put into a quarantine for so long that they have discovered a creative drive. I’d open an app on any social media and each day I’d either see a new business or someone promoting their own business.  Yes, some collapsed within the first week or so, but the ones that survived and persevered tend to have been rather successful; the lockdown gave birth to a whole new batch of make-up artists, bakers, forex traders and even spiritual gurus!

In conclusion, Social media has become more prevalent than ever before, allowing new avenues to be explored with ever changing trends. This will always provide options for big businesses to jump on but also help the smaller businesses go from humble beginnings to astronomical growth, hopefully something we, at Pheby Ventures, end up achieving!


By Jack Foulkes