Scrumptious Sweets!

Posted by Jack Foulkes on

Here at Pheby Ventures, we sell a wide variety of products, but there’s no collection of products that we sell more than wonderful ranges of confectionery.

Here, we work with excellent brands who produce the finest of products to satisfy that sweet tooth, these brands include Hamlet, Prestat, Baci, Cadbury, GNAW and many more! Our main aim is to deliver products which will give you that extra bit of satisfaction at the end of the day and we believe that these brands allow us to bring you that!

Part of these products include a chocolate liqueur range which include products from Bailey’s, Asbach, Anthon Berg and many more! Designed for those mature customers, these products are not too much to handle as the alcohol content isn’t made to make you blackout drunk but to give a rich after taste and bring some sophistication to the beautiful art of chocolate.

By Jack Foulkes