Farmhouse Biscuits

Posted by Jack Foulkes on

The Farmhouse Biscuit story begins many years ago in Lancashire at Higher Oaklands Farm when the McIvor family began baking and selling traditionally made biscuits, and over the years, they have grown exponentially to becoming one of Britain’s leading producers and sellers of biscuits.

Farmhouse biscuits are a wonderful welcome to our biscuit collection here at Pheby Ventures. The wide variety of biscuit and biscuit flavours are nothing short of a delight. My personal favourite from Farmhouse’s many selections are the Farmhouse Salted Caramel Luxury Selection biscuits, the flavouring from those biscuits is divine and worth every single bite of their scrumptious brand-new selection.

Recently, as previously mentioned, Farmhouse have brought out a new Luxury Selection range which includes four different flavours in which we sell on this very website. These flavours include: Salted Caramel, Apple Crumble, Chocolate Orange Brownie and Toasted Coconut & White Chocolate.

Farmhouse always have the customer in mind too, with them expanding their range to suit the needs of others, with both a Sugar Free range and a Gluten Free range. Both ranges are filled with wonderful flavours with Farmhouse not being afraid to venture out and try different and unique blends to get those taste buds tingling! A brand that we will always be happy to work with, Farmhouse make sure that at the end of the day you will always be left satisfied.

By Jack Foulkes